The beginning of counselling is usually prompted by some emotional disturbance that you don’t have a solution for or your doctor
or other person recognises as intruding on your quality of life.  If this emotional distress isn’t corrected, your situation may turn into
a mental illness or other negative psychological state.
Geoff has a broad range of expertise for treatment in mental health areas.  He has assisted many people to recover and find
good management strategies about such things as:
Û  Depression & Anxiety - helping understand causes and levels of depressed mood or anxiety states and how to find
appropriate strategies, motivation and belief to change these to a more positive state of mind.
Û  Psychosis - this difficult feature of mental illness is typically characterized by radical changes in personality, impaired
functioning, and an inability to distinguish personal subjective experience from reality. This work includes treatment of
substance-induced (e.g., drugs) psychosis disorders.
Û  Suicide and self-harm prevention - supporting people and those who care for them through periods of disturbing
thoughts around death or self-harm.
Û  Trauma - appreciating that trauma of all types can lead to deep emotional disturbance if appropriate steps aren’t followed
to alleviate distress and re-establish beliefs of safety.  This work includes PTSD (I am an outreach counsellor for
Veterans and Veterans’ Families Counselling Service) and survivors of sexual abuse.
Û  Drugs & alcohol - exploring reasons why we might want to artificially change our mood, calm a disturbing mental state or
isolate ourselves from functional life through mood altering substances; as well as finding ways to contain the temptation
to use them.  Or maybe you have successfully avoided substances and now need relapse prevention interventions.
Û  Loss & grief - finding resolution and peace after the loss of a loved one or some other important aspect of your life is
helped through ideas of journeying through grief; healing your wounded heart; establishing personal spiritual memorials;
setting goals for recovery; and other activities that support the journey through grief.
Û  Anger management - rage and uproar are actually what we usually see as ’anger’, and Geoff works to a more appropriate
state of ‘doing your anger well’ in addressing anger arousing problems. That is, that rage and uproar are usually an
expression of something deeper being triggered, and we actually have a choice in how we react to this.
Û  Eating disorders & weight management strategies - aligned with my work as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist, this
treatment attends to both under-weight and over-weight conditions, and assists people to make good choices and find
motivation to address their image, size, diet and exercise regimes; and also explore esteem and other issues that often
intrude on a healthy lifestyle.
Û  Men's health and wellbeing - assisting men, boys and those close to them to find healthy, positive versions of masculine
life that fit with their needs, relationships and interests.  This work includes consideration of self-belief, emotional and
physical aspects of what it means to be an effective man in the 21st Century.
Û  Retirement, and stages of older age - coming to terms with and optimising the later years of life with its adjustments and
possibilities for a fulfilling period of personal and relationship life.
Mental Health Treatment
with Geoff Paull
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