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Counselling Just For Men
Geoff Paull
Working with men to resolve their issues, help them build fantastic relationships and enhance their lives in all the ways we strive for
‘success’ is a privilege.  While there are many common features in counselling and therapy for men and for women, there are styles
and techniques that Geoff applies to address solutions for men that are unique and relevant for fulfilled lives in the Western Australian

This isn’t simply a Venus and Mars thing.  Geoff’s ideas are about:
P  learning new ways that are often re-learning values and behaviours after poor early life experiences
P  attention & acceptance of new ideas and beliefs that offer solutions to current issues and removal of barriers to achieving them
P  responsibility to become the best man you can be
P  forgiveness - sometimes for those who short-changed you of positive opportunities early in your life; sometimes of yourself
           when you let yourself down; and particularly when you need to release yourself from the impact of someone’s difficult behaviour
P  health in physical and mental domains and to maintain your wellbeing by good choices about care, behaviour and seeking help
           when necessary
P  hope - to become a fulfilled man by following principles of positive masculinity
P  courage to address issues in a clear and open way with those who are a part of solutions you need to find

Effective counselling and psychotherapy with men often begins with the concern that many men have difficulty with ‘talking therapy’. 
That is, they don’t have language, insight or appreciation of emotions that are linked to, for example, personal issues, relationship
concerns or mental health impacts.  Geoff’s counselling appreciates that, and so the work includes:

C  understanding of ‘self’ and how to attend to emotional signals, difficult thoughts and habitual behaviours
C  Appreciating how these processes operate in others we are in relationships with
C  making good choices about what these self-belief processes tell you
C  expressing your choice in an effective and helpful way
P  In this sense the work focusses on being an emotionally intelligent person.