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Personal Development
Geoff Paull
Geoff’s work with people who are seeking satisfying personal experiences in their day to day life focuses on enhancing self-belief
and increasing your inter-personal skills to provide positive experiences of your own making through:

C increasing your capacity for quality relationships of all types
C developing a strong sense of self with clear boundaries that support healthy relationships
C exploring creative ways to change your routines and habits
C fostering personal growth through emotional intelligence
C applying mental skills such as goal-setting and positive self-talk to guide you through change processes
C developing greater spiritual awareness in whatever form is relevant to you
C removing barriers to improvement and expansion of your current world
C setting realistic processes for health, weight management and wellbeing goals

In many ways this work is similar to both counselling and coaching, and Geoff has all the expertise from a long career in
counselling, coaching and psychotherapy to move between the various techniques to establish new beliefs and behaviour in you.

This work is done in consideration of family, work and other relationship situations. Therefore, it takes into account both what you
might aspire to personally, and the reality of maintaining yourself in the change process as others react in various ways to your new
way of being.
Geoff also provides lifeskills coaching, which has many similar aspects to Personal Development work (Click here for more >>)