While the area of relationships most often focuses on romantic partners, Geoff helps people to enhance any relationship where
cooperation, respect and challenge are needed to create harmony and positive outcomes.  To find the joy of working well to
achieve great experiences together.  Please also check the Marriage Counselling page for other ideas about romantic

Therefore his problem-solving approach to relationship counselling often centres on effective communication, conflict resolution and
fair-fighting skills to help couples, families and groups to work well together to achieve shared goals and ambitions.

But most people who seek relationship counselling are concerned with their romantic partner (heterosexual or same-sex
relationship), wife or husband; or they are looking for ways to make future relationships work better than their previous experiences. 
So ‘problem-based’ strategies are important - effective communication, conflict resolution and fair-fighting skills - but enhancement
of your experiences is wonderful work in resolving barriers or finding new ways to enjoy shared affection, mutual nurturing of each
other, shared effort in exploring your needs and expectations, building sensual and sexual confidence to suit each other’s’ needs,

Some times this work is finding a way back to harmony after breakdown in the romance, after an affair, or when different rates of
aging limits the enthusiasm of one or both partners.  This work is successful when two people commit to finding a way back to trust,
shared goals, fun, and the courage to be open in expressing their needs and attending to them in authentic and healthy ways.

Around anger and violence, Geoff takes the position that violence within families and towards family members must not be
tolerated. Whether the abuse is verbal, emotional, psychological, physical or sexual, it is unhealthy and potentially dnagerous for
everyone concerned. Domestic violence never has a positive outcome; it never leads to solutions to underlying problems; it only
ever creates more problems especially for children witnessing family violence.

Geoff is trained in domestic violence interventions that support safety and protection of all involved; the acceptance of responsibility
by all perpetrators (men and women); and seeking of solutions both individually and (when both parties seek it) cooperatively that
are meaningful and sustainable.
Relationship Counselling
with Geoff Paull
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