Psychological Therapy
Geoff Paull
Psychological Therapy, or psychotherapy, is a range of techniques used to address mental health and personal development issues.  You
might hear of terms like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), solution-focused therapy, psycho-analytic therapy and many more.  The
counselling Geoff applies is largely built on Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and borrows from Narrative Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour
Therapy, Transactional Analysis (TA), Family Systems and Emotional Intelligence strategies.

These skills have been developed and applied in university appointments in psychology and health & exercise science in three countries;
private practice in individual, relationship and family counselling; counsellor appointments in loss and grief, trauma, relationships and
student support; coaching in personal and professional development and education and supervision of graduate counsellors.

Mental health issues commonly treated by Geoff include:

˛ Individual psychotherapy; relationship, couples and family therapy
˛ Depression (including bipolar spectrum conditions - Geoff was for many years the beyondblue workshop facilitator in WA)
˛ Anxiety disorders with associated emotional regulation interventions and exposure therapy processes
˛ Stress reaction disorders (including PTSD - Geoff is an outreach counsellor for Veterans and Veteransĺ Families Counselling
˛ Anger management, domestic violence and abuse issues (including for survivors of childhood sexual abuse as prescribed in
ACSA training)
˛ Eating disorders and weight management strategies - much of Geoffĺs work has addressed health-related physical activity - hence
my endorsement as a sport and exercise psychologist.
˛ Personality and adjustment disorders
˛ Substance misuse and relapse prevention interventions
˛ Loss and grief and particularly Ĺcomplicatedĺ conditions of this situation
˛ Trauma treatment in both chronic (e.g., long-term abuse) and acute circumstances
˛ Suicide prevention
˛ Men's mental and emotional health and wellbeing
˛ Lifestyle, physical activity and health management
˛ Motivation, goal setting and planning for positive life and wellbeing
˛ Career and education planning and management
˛ Retirement, physiological and cognitive decline and other transitionary stages of older age
˛ Co- existing combinations of any of the above conditions and disorders
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