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Professional Development 
Geoff Paull
Your ‘professional’ world should be much more than simply working or earning money. Geoff work with clients in this very
important area of life includes factors of personal purpose and life balance as well as more obvious ideas of success to ensure
that the world of work is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

To support his work with clients, Geoff has long history of successful professional activities including university appointments in
psychology and sport, health & exercise science in three countries; operating his own businesses in telecommunications (1969 to
1987) and psychology; coaching in professional and personal development; private practice in counselling; student counselling at
university level; and consulting in organisational effectiveness sports performance.

Typical areas that emerge in professional development work include:
· careers - planning, enhancement, adjustment and transition
· lifestyle - ‘working to live as well as living to work’
· academic success and effective research and study skills
· management and leadership skills - workplace relationships and effective communication
· fostering professional growth through emotional intelligence
· mental skills such as goalsetting and positive self-talk to guide you through change processes
· planning and time management skills
· burnout and dropout avoidance
· planning and motivation for business success
· confidence  and assertiveness
· delegation and team building
· mentoring and supervision

This work is always sensitive to the reality of the personal world that we live our day to day lives in. Therefore, people that we rely
on for support; situations that are perhaps barriers to improvement; and the resources that we have to hand are all considered in
professional development work
Geoff also provides coaching in the areas of small business management (Click here >>); career achievement (Click here >>); and accedemic success (Click here >>)