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Pre-Elite Development
Geoff Paull
Pre-elite is term usually applied to young performers, but it really means anyone moving toward elite status.  Lawn bowlers have traditionally been older in age (but not so much anymore) and some pre-elite bowlers might be almost at ‘senior’ level before taking up the sport. So it really means being on the skill development path and having the potential to move to the highest level of performance. 

And this path can be along one!  Evidence from research on ‘expertise’ in a number of achievement domains has suggested that around 10,00 hours of focused practice and 10 years of high level exposure is necessary to achieve truly sustainable elite performance.  Typically an international soloist musician will have committed around 20,000 of practice before being considered virtuoso standard.  This impacts the effort and motivation needed; the age that a person must begin to develop psychologically at the peak of physiological capacity; and the resources needed to carry out this amount of practice.

Examples of Geoff’s work in this area are:

Junior athletes, dancers and entertainers who have shown early promise and who need help to move into elite junior or senior ranks

Young performers who have existed on talent and have stalled in their development when they needed advanced skills to move beyond raw talent alone.

Young people who have moved from regional areas to the city for opportunities, but have not been exposed before to advanced coaching or highly competitive systems and find themselves overwhelmed

Mature age golfers who have retired from work and now want to attack their handicap and see if they can get a pro tour ticket

Coaches/teachers/directors who move from local or maybe school-based programs to state or national level and lack knowledge of skill acquisition processes; need to appreciate processes associated with ‘expertise’; and perhaps need to understand age-appropriate language and strategies to keep performers keen, interested and on the path to ‘success.

This most valuable work is a significant part of Geoff’s work in sport, the performing arts and theatre/acting domains.  He has many skills, experiences and the patience to support pre-elite performers to navigate their way to their aspired goals and achievements with rewards from completion and performance sufficient to motivate them among other competing interests.