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Performance Enhancement
Geoff Paull
Performance Enhancement is just what is says - helping a performer achieve the highest level possible in their field.  There are many aspects to this work with Geoff Paull:

v  Practice, Feedback & Learning Environments - motor skills in physical actions;  attentional and memory processes,
       and repetition and reinforcement schedules for skill acquisition.

v  Skill Expectations and Goalsetting - to ensure a regular rate of performance improvement - particularly when returning
        from injury, in moving to higher levels or in addressing new challenges.

v  Emotional Regulation - being able to set an ‘ideal performance state’ of emotional arousal for outstanding performance.

v  Confidence, Esteem and Self-Belief - building a self-belief that uses values around order, effort, integrity, trust, 
         connection,etc. that are the foundations of an elite performer’s confidence.

v  Coaching Processes for Optimum Skill Development - the learning context in a ‘deliberate practice’ environment.

v  Training Aids & Technology - appreciating how training aids may (or may not) contribute to preparation and performance

v  Coaching Behaviours - ensuring that instruction is provided by the best channels and in the right form for particular 
        performers, age groups or style of performance.

v  Program Planning - controlling the enhancement process to deliver outcomes in a way that suits all the factors in a
        performer’s life.

v  Personal Development in a Performer’s Career - balancing practice, preparation, relationships, careers and all the
        necessary components for a fulfilled life.

v  Relationship Building and Maintenance - both personal and family, but also the skills to work with coaches, managers,
        employers, teachers, etc. who all contribute in one way or another to the success of a performer’s career.

v  Media Skills - being confident to be in the spotlight when your skills set you out from other performers.

v  Personal Presentation and Communication - ensuring that opportunities such as sponsorships, employment that
        facilitates your performance goals and media opportunities are another part of your success.