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Marriage Counselling
with Geoff Paull
Marriage counselling differs from relationship counselling in a couple of ways.  The major one is, if the marriage is disintegrating,
then there are many legal implications to ending the relationship with dignity and moving on as successfully single people and
perhaps single parents.  Another difference often is around the marriage celebration and public declarations of what was expected
to be a life-long partnership.  This may increase feelings of anger and perhaps shame in not achieving the ideal marriage. 
Concerns in one or both partners are often prompted by shifts in attitudes to the marriage, and Geoff helps couples to move away
from right and wrong blaming to a position of differences that need to be adjusted.

Geoff is skilled in all facets of marriage counselling and guidance.  While many couples seek help with difficulties in the marriage, it
is also common for couples to seek advice on preparing for life as a married couple;  enhancing and invigorating their marriage;
and to understand how a marriage can be strong and positive in later life.

The work Geoff does with any couple is based on your ability to have fulfilling lives in harmony with one special other person. 
Sometimes this harmony is challenged by sexual matters including changing libido over time; one partner having an affair; or
maybe the need to re-invigorate sensual factors in the marriage as children grow up and new freedoms become available.  Geoff
is comfortable in working to overcome these challenges to what can be otherwise a wonderful marriage.

Around anger and violence, Geoff takes the position that violence within families and towards family members must not be
tolerated. Whether the abuse is verbal, emotional, psychological, physical or sexual, it is unhealthy and potentially dnagerous for
everyone concerned. Domestic violence never has a positive outcome; it never leads to solutions to underlying problems; it only
ever creates more problems especially for children witnessing family violence.

Geoff is trained in domestic violence interventions that support safety and protection of all involved; the acceptance of
responsibility by all perpetrators (men and women); and seeking of solutions both individually and (when both parties seek it)
cooperatively that are meaningful and sustainable.