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LifeSkills Coaching
Geoff Paull
Lifeskills Coaching has become a powerful opportunity for people wanting to enhance their lives. Coaching uses many of the
techniques of counselling, although is usually more focussed on the solutions that are applied in the future rather than origins of
issues and concerns.

Geoff particularly uses coaching techniques in his work, and his qualifications as a psychologist, counsellor and coach rank him at
the level of Master Coach in this field.

Geoff's personal lifeskills coaching activities include:

Lifeskills - using coaching methods in a personal development process to:

P  increase your capacity for quality relationships

P  explore creative ways to change your day to day life

P  foster personal growth through emotional intelligence

P  apply mental skills such as goalsetting and positive self-talk to guide you through change processes

P  remove barriers to improvement and expansion of your current world

Health and Wellbeing - setting realistic plans and targets for enhancing physical health; addressing all round wellness; and/or
supporting recovery from health impacts. This work follows from Geoff’s qualifications in Sport Psychology and includes:

P  establishing boundaries on professional activities to allow time for physical, emotional and relationship wellbeing

P  setting realistic expectations of weight management and illness recovery programs to maximise long-term benefits

P  applying mental skills such as goalsetting and positive self-talk to guide you through performance enhancement
Geoff also provides coaching in the areas of small business management (Click here >>); career achievement (Click here >>); and academic success (Click here >>)