Geoff is an experienced family and parenting therapist able to help whole family groups as well as individuals within them to
relieve pressure points with the family system and create positive change.  This work is often concerned with tension across
generations - from the kids to issues with aging members of a family, and I often attend to needs within blended families, single
parenting and shared parenting circumstances. 

Being available for family demands and events is often a problem for modern families, so achieving life balance is crucial to
preventing difficulties later in life.  So family work often looks at time management, goals setting, priority setting, etc. so that quality
experiences happen frequently and there is plenty to celebrate about sharing your life as a family.

I work very flexibly with families.  Usually there will be meetings with the whole family, but other meetings might only be with
individuals or groups from within the family.  For example, I might have a meeting with only children to get their points of view and
then be able to use their input to guide my advice to other family members at a later meeting.

As well as counsellor and psychotherapy training, Geoff's knowledge and background as a parent and grandparent help him to
provide appropriate counselling and mediation to assist families to work well together; to resolve the conflicts that occur over time;
and to adapt to the changing developmental stages that affect all families over time.

Family Counselling
with Geoff Paull
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