Coaching for Business Success
Geoff Paull
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Coaching for business success has developed as a set of solution-oriented strategies that focuses on opportunities to
enhance the professional effectiveness of a person, team and/or organisation. There are many similarities between counselling
and the way coaching is applied, and the techniques of coaching borrow extensively from positive psychology and sport
psychology.  Therefore, Geoffs experience as a counsellor and sports psychologist enhances his ability to explore all the issues
for a client in their chosen vocation as well aspects of their personal life that are essential for sustained performance.

There are perhaps three themes to the issues Geoff is consulted on:

General Professional Performance - factors that arise in all areas of professional life that affect your ability to perform at work,
in organisations and general professional life:
Career planning and enhancement
Academic pursuits and effective research and study skills
Career adjustment and transition
Workplace relationships and conflict management
Communication skills
Planning and time management skills
Burnout and dropout avoidance
Workgroup and team factors in performance

Business Management - techniques for achieving success in ways that provide balance between personal and professional
needs include:
Individual and group factors of workplace effectiveness
Planning and motivation for business success
Time management
Confidence building
Communication skills
Conflict management and Assertiveness
Time management skills
Effective goal setting
Attention and concentration.

Executive Effectiveness - higher order skills to empower others and maintain energy and motivation within demanding
environments include:
Leadership and 'followship'
Delegation and team building
Hiring, firing, training and rewarding
Self-regulation (e.g., protection against burnout, maintaining social support)
Effective use of authority
Business relationships and networking
Personal relationships
Burnout avoidance
Mentoring and supervision