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Self-Esteem Enhancement
Geoff Paull
Geoff also provides lifeskills coaching that likewise focuses on positive self-belief (Click here >>)
Geoff believes that self-esteem isn't just a ‘tank of confidence' that is full or empty depending on how an individual feels at any given
time.  High self-esteem is having a positive sense of self that helps us know ourselves as OK; allows us to ‘read’ other people and
make good choices about our relationship with them; and be calm about what happens around us and to be clear about what we
get involved with.
Esteem is much more than being good at what we do.  That side of our life is usually important, but that is called self-efficacy and
can be a false way to understand ourselves as an adequate person, partner, parent, community member, etc.  So high self-esteem
sets us up to know ourselves as OK for who we are, and not be so connected to what we do, what we believe people think of us and
to the material benefits we may accumulate from work alone.
Often a lower self-esteem results from experiences earlier in our lives.  Therefore working with a counselling psychologist increases
the likelihood that you will dismantle barriers to future positive sense of self and achievement.  Geoff has assisted thousands of
people to have a greater positive self-perception; to be less tangled up in past difficulties and resentment; and freed up for future
adventures, achievement and love.
Geoff helps clients develop the necessary values, beliefs and attitudes to maintain a strong positive self-esteem.  His expertise in
this area ranges from counselling for more general behaviour and relationship enhancement, to psychotherapy for deeper
personality and early childhood work, and coaching for motivation and effective goal achievement.