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Enhancing Your Career
Geoff Paull
Today it is unlikely that anyone will retain their first career direction throughout his or her entire working life. Therefore, planning
before vocational training and higher education is useful to remove as many false starts as possible.  That doesn’t mean we should
be overly cautious, as passion, intuition and personal interest can all be helpful in choosing a career - even though we know that it
will only be for a limited period (e.g., a sporting career).  So when we balance those more personal ideas with plans that address
academic ability, lifestyle expectations, financial demands, physical capacity, etc., we maximise the chance of being happy in the
work we do.

When such good planning is combined with positive attitudes around effort, life-long learning and realistic expectations,
opportunities can be recognised and taken advantage of at the various professional crossroads a person will encounter through
their working life.  Geoff has extensive experience across trades, higher education, teaching, working in various organisations and
small business management. This makes him well-placed to advise on vocational, career and especially transition planning.

Moving up in our job is something we should hope for - to improve our position at work over time.  This can set us up for greater
monetary, social and intellectual reward, but may also demand more commitment and personal contribution than what many
workers are comfortable with.  Finding balance between this tension requires both our head (the more rational/logical reasons for a
career) and heart (a more spontaneous and perhaps passionate appreciation of the world of work) to participate in our decisions
about careers, rewards, motivation, commitment, etc.  Geoff’s own history of professionally ‘re-inventing’ himself a number of times
provides support for helping people find balance and fulfilment across the demands of personal and professional life.