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Communication Skills
Geoff Paull
Effective communication is much more than simply speaking.  It involves conscious attention to you and to others involved in the
message, and with today’s array of technology, a great deal of sensitivity to the receiver when devices intervene in the use of tone,
facial expression, etc. to assist the quality of the exchange.  Of course you might also want to communicate with gestures and gifts,
and particularly the idea of Love Language comes into play in romantic relationships.

And saying little is a skill when communication needs to be to the point and assertive.  Therefore communication often comes up in
treatment of self-esteem, boundary setting and confidence building when you want to be less entangled with others' processes and
demands and clear on what you need in an interaction with them.

Geoff has assisted people from all backgrounds to be better communicators and across all the domains of life we find ourselves in
in a dynamic and diverse community.  It’s not unusual for Geoff to help people in areas such as:

C Assertiveness training
C Management and business effectiveness
C Confidence building
C Anger management
C Intimacy, courtship and love languages
C Leadership and motivation
C Conflict resolution
C Mood management
C Fair fighting in conflict situations
C Parenting skills
C Marriage counselling
C Career enhancement
C Performing arts skills